A guitar through a synth effects pedal

I hope your Wednesday has been going well.

I have just been working on some music for your project.

Firstly a slightly boring computer related story

A few weeks my 2014 MacBook Pro stopped working / I took it over to Apple and they helped the poor old thing out.
They installed a new operating system but with no garage band which I normally use for music.

I think if I had installed a new version it would have melted it.

I was going to send over some music I had made in the summertime.

Anyway today I was feeling the vibes of some kind and decided to make some improvised music.

So this afternoon recording on my iPad using Voice Memo / I made 4 pieces of music/sound for you.

These pieces were made with:

Acoustic Guitar
Casio SK-1 Keyboard
Thunder Tube
Toy Saxophone
Loop Station
Synthesizer Bass Pedal

Recorded live in downtown Dunfermline on Wednesday afternoon.

I hope you can access the sound files / and that you can use them in someway for the project?

Marcus Oakley