Fireworks and a bonfire

I changed my mind about what I wanted to send, as Bonfire Night is my favourite night of the year and usually sees me go to visit my oldest friend, stay at her house, go back to my home town and see an amazing parade of fireworks and a huge bonfire (it’s near Lewes and much of the same paraders that repeat the festivities a few days later). But this year of course it was cancelled. Instead I went with Sim to our nearest hill in Bristol, Troopers Hill, where lots of people had gathered (distantly, though it doesn’t really sound like it!) to watch little fireworks twinkling all over the city. Then later we went down to the river to make a campfire of our own and I recorded that just as a plane flew overhead, jarring with the timeless sound of a fire, and hopefully giving some lovely sub-bassy frequencies. If there’s anything I can do to boost those or improve the sound quality, let me know.

It was a lovely evening despite not being what I am usually used to, and quite touching / almost a little eerie – the fireworks could definitely sound warlike and menacing as well as celebratory.

Sarah Tanat Jones