Morning routine

I hope this is ok and workable. It’s essentially all about the mundane. I love rituals and I love to have them in the morning – it makes me happy. I really enjoy the start of the day, when the unexpected hasn’t happenned yet, when it’s a completely blank canvas, fresh start of something. I am lucky enough to have a job that I like and to be able to spend my days in my own studio. So here are the sounds of the first half an hour after leaving my flat – the walk, putting the kettle on, turning the radio on, making a cup of coffee and then a wee bit of printing. Right before the printer decides to do something silly and I have to fix it in panic hehe! Essentially, I think that during these strange times when nothing is certain, I fell out of love with chaos a bit and started to really appreciate these short glimpses of clarity and stability.

Gabrielė Gudaitytė