Ruben recording birds

I’m so delighted that you’re managing to continue being creative despite the challenges all around just now. I haven’t played or sang anything properly in months now and am finding it very difficult not being able to play with anyone, it will come.  
As for recording those happy sounds, I finally sorted out my wee Zoom mic and whilst clearing the micro SD to make way for some really profound ambient nature/cooking noises, I found these recordings of the boys when they were wee. Utter joy to my heart.  I might still send you some other stuff just for fun but these recordings of kids exploring what it means to record sound, to listen to themselves discussing nonsense, playing with song and word and foley, brings such a smile to my face and of course, being their parent, a wee tear to ma een.  
Ruben’s song was recorded up at Dunsapie Loch at Arthur’s Seat and we’d cycled up there to play with sound recordings. He was laying on his belly next to the water and the reeds, brushing the mic against the grass and running around for effect. I’d forgotten all about that day until I listened to the recording. Sound, music and memory.  
Thanks for inviting me to send something. Will be taking the Zoom out for a spin again soon! 

Clarissa Cheong