20: (sway) row, row, let’s go

Listen out for these sounds in Track 20:

So my sound idea was originally the sound of a prius starting up – whenever I took an uber I loved the noise it made as it drove off.

So I found an example of the sound in a Japanese prius tutorial, and for fun I have left some of the language spoken in if you thought it might work. Prius sound is the focus though from me 🙂

Noah Ings

I was really touched when Tommy asked me to take part in this project. As I was shielding and had additional caring responsibilities I hadn’t been able to play the violin during lockdown, not even open the case, and this was literally about 5 minutes after I started playing for the first time, having pressed ‘record’ just in case anything was usable. I was warming up with some very basic two note motifs based on a ‘perfect cadence’, a closing chord sequence which often ends a piece bringing it back to the ‘home’ key, and then some improvised simple short melodies. I ended up layering the motifs over each other, with some deliberate flux in the timings, to make that repeated pattern. As I was in a very hectic work and home period, was using podcasting software to record and edit on my iPad without the skills to make it sound how I wanted (plus find it quite difficult to listen to myself) and then got floored by a virus, the actual process of creating it probably skirted wildly around the definition of ‘happy’, but Tommy worked wonders with it and, for me, that very simple chord sequence feels so grounding, and almost comforting, that I can’t help but smile when I hear it! 

Kate Miguda

Here is a grouped field recording of birds and dog walker’s chattering that features on a new piece of music I’ve made for a new album. The song in question is a reminder of my cousin for me and I think it turned out okay. Clare’s been propagating cuttings from plants in our flat with a view to passing them on to folk. It made me think that it might be nice to share a ‘cutting’ from this song for you to sew into your new project.

Andrew Wasylyk

Sampled from a recording sent by Gavin Sutherland (Other Lands)

Also, this is a set of recordings I made in the Pacific Northwest a few years ago that I love – it’s an accidental aeolian harp that was made out of some fishing line that was strung up on a dock. It was super windy and it was making a completely amazing noise! I was so excited by it, and I still love listening to it. 

Yann Seznec (with Kristina Seznec)

Queen Street station is the first and last space I encounter on most of my visits to Glasgow. Taken at the end of November 2016, my recording of Queen Street reminds me of the years I’ve frequented the city, going to gigs, buying records, visiting friends, and waiting on the train home.

Gav Brown

Track named by Coralie Scott. Written by Kate Miguda and Tommy Perman. Produced by Tommy Perman.

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