01: Saw An Old Friend Today

Listen out for these sounds in Saw An Old Friend Today:

… for some variation I’ve included a stem of backwards electric guitar that never quite made the Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation cut.

Andrew Wasylyk

Nathalie advised me to record our door to the garden as well. She always seems to pick up that sound when I am coming home…

Roel Knappstein (sound nominated by Nathalie Brans)

It is ‘opening my studio door’ after I haven’t been able to be there for two months.

Roel Knappstein

When I was working in my studio one day, a heavy rain and hail storm poured down on the roof and made quite a nice mix with some Tom Waits music I was playing

Roel Knappstein

I’ve recorded Ro and Mhairi having a laugh together 😊 hopefully it fits!

Malath Abbas

Fave is midnight the cat, our wee guy who we recently lost to a car during covid:(
He was quite the pianist. We’d love it if that was used somehow! That makes us so happy every time we watch it.

Sandy Carson and Karen Skloss

I was out walking in the dusk the other night, and heard something that I thought I’d send on for your Positive Interactions. I made a little film on my phone, so the sound quality isn’t superb. But standing under a tree in the dark, listening the the owls chat and hoot at the bells, made me very happy indeed.

Rose Ferraby

a recording of the gate which forms the entrance to the domain of the biological farmer that we are supporting. The gate looks like this (photo of gate)

The green shield with the thump up is saying ‘green hero’…
It is always good to go there and harvest your ‘own’ vegetables.
If you have been picking beans or digging carrots or potatoes for a while, you return home with quite a different feeling. Those activities are quite stress diminishers…

Roel Knappstein

here we go, two original recordings of noise (at day and at night) in the middle of the Norwegian Sea / North Atlantic 🙂
It was one the happiest moments and places I have been; I would sit there for hours and tune in—in a way.
Hope you like them and they provide fun for VC, chopping up, filters, or just leaving them as they are.

Jens Ewald

I caught some wood pigeons in the spring blossoms of Balgay Cemetary overlooking Invergowrie Bay.

Andrew Wasylyk

Track named by Jasmine Skloss Harrison.
Written and produced by Tommy Perman.

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