12: fractalcats

Listen out for these sounds in fractalcats:

The piece is introduced by my 7-year-old son Paddy who made some ‘clicky noises’ from a cable tie for me after I asked him for a sound that made him happy.

Tommy Perman

Can I send you my kitten at home? I mean her sound

Kimho Ip

Funnily enough – my dishwasher makes me really happy as it sounds like the chord sequence from ashes to ashes

Pete Thomas

Here are a bunch of Uma sounds for you. Some great purring and chirping, (my fav is on Uma 2.wav 1:04 – sounds like an Ewok).

Bobby Perman (and Becki Crossley)

Track named by Bear Thomas and Jude Thomas. Written and produced by Tommy Perman.

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