06: Ladybird Laughter

Listen out for these sounds in Ladybird Laughter:

The sound of the Kookaburra makes me happy because it sounds like a monkey laughing, an insane sound for a wee bird to make really. I didn’t really know much about the before we came (and I still don’t) but I love their jaunty squat tuftiness, and the fact that for being such an wild bird icon they are very ubiqitous and bring a feeling of being amongst nature into the hart of urban environments.

Sam Evans

thinking of your loch made me think of the nature reserve out by the airport. It reminded me of some recordings I got there over spring. One attached. Maybe a good fit for the Positive Interactions EP? A dawn chorus and a hum of a train coming along the tracks just behind. 

Su Shaw

Here’s a field recording I made in Berry’s Den in Newport-On-Tay a few years ago. I used to cycle over there a lot when I lived in Dundee and it’s a place that holds a lot of happy memories for me. I would generally go after work and spend an hour and a half or so wandering around just soaking up the greenery and the sounds of nature then hop back on my bike to go home for tea, feeling very zen indeed! 

I still miss living in Scotland and memories of those peaceful evenings always make me happy when I recall them. 

Raz Ullah

Also, this is a set of recordings I made in the Pacific Northwest a few years ago that I love – it’s an accidental aeolian harp that was made out of some fishing line that was strung up on a dock. It was super windy and it was making a completely amazing noise! I was so excited by it, and I still love listening to it. 

Yann Seznec (with Kristina Seznec)

I’m so delighted that you’re managing to continue being creative despite the challenges all around just now. I haven’t played or sang anything properly in months now and am finding it very difficult not being able to play with anyone, it will come.  
As for recording those happy sounds, I finally sorted out my wee Zoom mic and whilst clearing the micro SD to make way for some really profound ambient nature/cooking noises, I found these recordings of the boys when they were wee. Utter joy to my heart.  I might still send you some other stuff just for fun but these recordings of kids exploring what it means to record sound, to listen to themselves discussing nonsense, playing with song and word and foley, brings such a smile to my face and of course, being their parent, a wee tear to ma een.  
Ruben’s song was recorded up at Dunsapie Loch at Arthur’s Seat and we’d cycled up there to play with sound recordings. He was laying on his belly next to the water and the reeds, brushing the mic against the grass and running around for effect. I’d forgotten all about that day until I listened to the recording. Sound, music and memory.  
Thanks for inviting me to send something. Will be taking the Zoom out for a spin again soon! 

Clarissa Cheong

Track named by Ruben Cheong Bee and Samuel Cheong Bee.
Written and produced by Tommy Perman.

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