08: Maybe Underwater / Soccer, Snowman, Snowman, Snowman

Listen out for these sounds in Maybe Underwater / Soccer, Snowman, Snowman, Snowman:

… for some variation I’ve included a stem of backwards electric guitar that never quite made the Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation cut.

Andrew Wasylyk

This is an idea I’ve been messing around with since you first asked, just noodling when I’m playing with the girls. So I recorded as a live session, one take with a mic in the room. I added a recording of the girls under it just to emulate how I’ve been working at it and to reflect how my days are spent playing with them. It was really fun to do, thanks.

Michael Lewis

I hope your Wednesday has been going well.

I have just been working on some music for your project.

Firstly a slightly boring computer related story

A few weeks my 2014 MacBook Pro stopped working / I took it over to Apple and they helped the poor old thing out.
They installed a new operating system but with no garage band which I normally use for music.

I think if I had installed a new version it would have melted it.

I was going to send over some music I had made in the summertime.

Anyway today I was feeling the vibes of some kind and decided to make some improvised music.

So this afternoon recording on my iPad using Voice Memo / I made 4 pieces of music/sound for you.

These pieces were made with:

Acoustic Guitar
Casio SK-1 Keyboard
Thunder Tube
Toy Saxophone
Loop Station
Synthesizer Bass Pedal

Recorded live in downtown Dunfermline on Wednesday afternoon.

I hope you can access the sound files / and that you can use them in someway for the project?

Marcus Oakley

Sampled from recordings sent to me by Gavin Sutherland (Other Lands)

It is ‘opening my studio door’ after I haven’t been able to be there for two months.

Roel Knappstein

I like door squeaks very much, I find them hilarious and poignant and lovely.

Yann Seznec

Also, this is a set of recordings I made in the Pacific Northwest a few years ago that I love – it’s an accidental aeolian harp that was made out of some fishing line that was strung up on a dock. It was super windy and it was making a completely amazing noise! I was so excited by it, and I still love listening to it. 

Yann Seznec (with Kristina Seznec)

This is a recording that Samuel Cheong Bee made. His mum Clarissa explains…

As for recording those happy sounds, I finally sorted out my wee Zoom mic and whilst clearing the micro SD to make way for some really profound ambient nature/cooking noises, I found these recordings of the boys when they were wee.  Utter joy to my heart.  I might still send you some other stuff just for fun but these recordings of kids exploring what it means to record sound, to listen to themselves discussing nonsense, playing with song and word and foley, brings such a smile to my face and of course, being their parent, a wee tear to ma een.  

Ruben’s song was recorded up at Dunsapie Loch at Arthur’s Seat and we’d cycled up there to play with sound recordings.  He was laying on his belly next to the water and the reeds, brushing the mic against the grass and running around for effect.  I’d forgotten all about that day until I listened to the recording.  Sound, music and memory.  

Thanks for inviting me to send something.  Will be taking the Zoom out for a spin again soon! 

Clarissa Cheong

I don’t really try to make music any more even though I do play about from time to time to escape from all of the visual stuff. Happiness isn’t necessarily in the sound but in the process of pressing keys and pushing buttons.

Chris Labrooy

Just searched through some old stems from the Pictish Trail album, and found some sounds I really enjoyed making with Rob Jones, mostly on his swanky OP-1 and MS10 synths.

Johnny Lynch (aka Pictish Trail)

here we go, two original recordings of noise (at day and at night) in the middle of the Norwegian Sea / North Atlantic 🙂
It was one the happiest moments and places I have been; I would sit there for hours and tune in—in a way.
Hope you like them and they provide fun for VC, chopping up, filters, or just leaving them as they are.

Jens Ewald

The track was named by Arthur Seznec, Lainie Lewis and Theia Lewis.
Written by Tommy Perman, Marcus Oakley and Michael Lewis.
Produced by Tommy Perman.

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