07: Cheery Chirps

Listen out for these sounds in Cheery Chirps:

This is an idea I’ve been messing around with since you first asked, just noodling when I’m playing with the girls. So I recorded as a live session, one take with a mic in the room. I added a recording of the girls under it just to emulate how I’ve been working at it and to reflect how my days are spent playing with them. It was really fun to do, thanks.

Michael Lewis

The sound of the Kookaburra makes me happy because it sounds like a monkey laughing, an insane sound for a wee bird to make really. I didn’t really know much about the before we came (and I still don’t) but I love their jaunty squat tuftiness, and the fact that for being such an wild bird icon they are very ubiqitous and bring a feeling of being amongst nature into the hart of urban environments.

Sam Evans

It is ‘opening my studio door’ after I haven’t been able to be there for two months.

Roel Knappstein

Also, this is a set of recordings I made in the Pacific Northwest a few years ago that I love – it’s an accidental aeolian harp that was made out of some fishing line that was strung up on a dock. It was super windy and it was making a completely amazing noise! I was so excited by it, and I still love listening to it. 

Yann Seznec (with Kristina Seznec)

I am fortunate to live close to nature and forests in particular. A 4 hour drive takes me to the amazingly lush BR hills forest range with tigers, elephants, bears and a super rich bio diverse ecosystem. Being in the forest makes me incredibly happy each time. I could stay with the sights and sounds forever. I had to share this piece of heaven with you.

Babitha George

Track named by Ruben Cheong Bee and Samuel Cheong Bee.
Written and produced by Tommy Perman.

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