11: Flickering Candle

Listen out for these sounds in Flickering Candle:

… for some variation I’ve included a stem of backwards electric guitar that never quite made the Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation cut.

Andrew Wasylyk

Nominated by Marijana Wilhelms.

Sound sourced from freesound.org:


this is one that I really like…

matches from a box and then lightning…

Markus Wilhelms

It is ‘opening my studio door’ after I haven’t been able to be there for two months.

Roel Knappstein

So my sound idea was originally the sound of a prius starting up – whenever I took an uber I loved the noise it made as it drove off.

So I found an example of the sound in a Japanese prius tutorial, and for fun I have left some of the language spoken in if you thought it might work. Prius sound is the focus though from me 🙂

Noah Ings

Sampled from a recording sent by Gavin Sutherland (Other Lands)

Sent by Josh Ings

Also, this is a set of recordings I made in the Pacific Northwest a few years ago that I love – it’s an accidental aeolian harp that was made out of some fishing line that was strung up on a dock. It was super windy and it was making a completely amazing noise! I was so excited by it, and I still love listening to it. 

Yann Seznec (with Kristina Seznec)

It seemed like a simple request, but the more I thought about it, the harder it became to think of a sound that made me feel happy.

So I took the complete opposite route of digging inside and did a finder search of my Hard Drive.  I typed in “Happy” and an old, unfinished session came up with the word “happy” in the title.

I listened to it and it made me want to finish it, AND it made me happy.  Here is a portion of the guitar track from it.  I’m starting to remember how I started to write the song, and all the stuff I was doing at the time, and it makes me happy.

Yusuke Hama (Hamacide)

The owls nest in the garden, and in summer sit around chatting to the fledglings. The swing is their favourite spot. The owls are very much part of my sense of home – a co-habitation. 

Rose Ferraby

Just searched through some old stems from the Pictish Trail album, and found some sounds I really enjoyed making with Rob Jones, mostly on his swanky OP-1 and MS10 synths.

Johnny Lynch (aka Pictish Trail)

Track named by Maja Wilhelms. Written by Tommy Perman, Yusuke Hama and Sandy Carson. Produced by Tommy Perman.

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