14: Dancing With Cows

Listen out for these sounds in Dancing With Cows:

Recording sent by Sandy Carson, Austin, Texas

I recently received an unexpected and rather lovely gift of a kalimba. The little thing sits on my desk where I work and occasionally throughout the day, while I’m thinking, or taking a break, or procrastinating, I’ll have a little play on it. It has such a sweet sound that even my mistakes (of which there are many) are pretty and it’s really reminded me how joyful and immersive and meditative playing music can be. If everyone had a kalimba on their desk I think the world would be a happier place. 

Rachel Simpson

The cow is a holy animal for some Hindu communities in India (and also the cause for a lot of unrest and polarisation). This is a man singing as he brings around a richly decorated cow seeking alms (food and money often). He came around our studio often and this was a very familiar sound before the pandemic. It is a sound I miss hearing these days.

Babitha George

Stone “bells” on the Glen Finglas sculpture trail

Jonnie Common

This is from a forest outside Bangalore in BR Hills. The Soliga tribe lives here and the drums you hear are them drumming at night to keep wild elephants away.

Babitha George

Here’s a wee thing I made today in my head bubble. Hope it suits, can’t remember if you needed a certain length.
That was fun! So nice to have a play and make something with no parameters, must do that more often, I’d probably get quite a lot done that way.

Emily Scott

Track named by Babitha George.
Written and produced by Tommy Perman.

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