19: Unsurfacing #2

Listen out for these sounds in Unsurfacing #2:

Andrew Wasylyk sent me the sound of a “dull gong” he recorded on his phone at Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, Scotland

Queen Street station is the first and last space I encounter on most of my visits to Glasgow. Taken at the end of November 2016, my recording of Queen Street reminds me of the years I’ve frequented the city, going to gigs, buying records, visiting friends, and waiting on the train home.

Gav Brown

here we go, two original recordings of noise (at day and at night) in the middle of the Norwegian Sea / North Atlantic 🙂
It was one the happiest moments and places I have been; I would sit there for hours and tune in—in a way.
Hope you like them and they provide fun for VC, chopping up, filters, or just leaving them as they are.

Jens Ewald

Track named by Andrew Wasylyk. Written and produced by Tommy Perman.

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