17: Trying To Squeeze Out The Wax From A Pile Of Shit

Listen out for these sounds in Trying To Squeeze Out The Wax From A Pile Of Shit:

I hope this is ok and workable. It’s essentially all about the mundane. I love rituals and I love to have them in the morning – it makes me happy. I really enjoy the start of the day, when the unexpected hasn’t happenned yet, when it’s a completely blank canvas, fresh start of something. I am lucky enough to have a job that I like and to be able to spend my days in my own studio. So here are the sounds of the first half an hour after leaving my flat – the walk, putting the kettle on, turning the radio on, making a cup of coffee and then a wee bit of printing. Right before the printer decides to do something silly and I have to fix it in panic hehe! Essentially, I think that during these strange times when nothing is certain, I fell out of love with chaos a bit and started to really appreciate these short glimpses of clarity and stability.

Gabrielė Gudaitytė

This is the recording that sprang to mind when I first read your email. It’s my daughter playing my xylophone, this time last year. So she was 13 months old at the time. Funny to hear her not talking, with just the occasional grunt, as she rarely stops chatting at present 😀

Thought of this because 
(a) it makes me feel happy 
(b) it was recorded with a field recorder rather than a phone 
(c) it’s rife with easily croppable notes / flourishes in the key of C.

Jonnie Common

I don’t really try to make music any more even though I do play about from time to time to escape from all of the visual stuff. Happiness isn’t necessarily in the sound but in the process of pressing keys and pushing buttons.

Chris Labrooy

Just searched through some old stems from the Pictish Trail album, and found some sounds I really enjoyed making with Rob Jones, mostly on his swanky OP-1 and MS10 synths.

Johnny Lynch (aka Pictish Trail)

Track named by Gabrielė Gudaitytė. Written by Tommy Perman, Chris Labrooy and Sandy Carson. Produced by Tommy Perman.

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